A tragically provocative love story that pulls everyone it touches into the violent envelope of betrayal and desire; Romeo + Juliet meets True Romance.

High-end drug dealer Seven “Sev” Max has his game perfected, trust-fund clients, model parties, and a beautiful girlfriend Maddie. Life is good, until an irreversible chain of events puts their love and lives at risk, ending in a blaze of gunfire.

Starring: Sophie Turner, Daniel Zovatto
Directed By: Jouri Smit
Written By: Seth Miller
Produced By: David Atrakchi, Dillon D Jordan, Zachary Ty Bryan


The year is 1990. The place is Los Angeles, California. An entrepreneurial college student who DJs in the vibrant underground party scene dreams of turning the mainstream onto rave culture by throwing a massive party at a popular water park. When a rival promoter discovers his plans, he tries to undermine their success by alerting the authorities – but even the police cannot stop this rave. With Desert Storm right around the corner and the country on edge, there’s never been a better time to rage into the night.

Directed By: Kevin Kerslake
Written By: Kevin Kerslake
Produced By: Dillon D Jordan
Production Company: PaperChase Films


A true story from the Summer of 1946, Superman vs. The Ku Klux Klan is a tale for our time: a unique, suspenseful undercover thriller about an unsung hero — an Everyman who must turn against his roots in a personal quest to defeat hatred and racism. Aiding the Anti Defamation League and the producers of the Superman Radio Show with insider information, he did what the FBI and Washington could not: defeat the KKK not by outgunning them, but by outsmarting them.

Produced By: Dillon D Jordan, Mark Rosen
Production Company: PaperChase Films


A 24-hour slice-of-life biopic that follows the exploits of the elite, the perils of the rejected and the dreams of newcomers in an LA suburb. Silver Lake is the foul-mouth offspring of Raymond Chandler and Charles Bukowski — a foot-to-the-floor blast through Ground Zero of pop culture. “They come from all over, seeking the Holy Grail of power, glamour and celebrity. For most, it remains just that, a quest. But the lake? The actual lake? I’ve only seen a man-made body of water with a fence around it. It’s pretend. Like the rest of Hollywood.” — The Captain, Silver Lake

Directed By: Kevin Kerslake
Written By: Kevin Kerslake
Produced By: Dillon D Jordan


When dirty cop Will Killian prays for the first time, he unwittingly puts himself at the mercy of SABBATH — a demon who answers the prayers of the wicked. Now Killian must retrieve nine cursed items for the demon’s mysterious agenda. If he fails, not only will Sabbath take Killian’s life and that of his innocent wife… but the demon will use the nine mystical pieces to forge a weapon that can send every living soul on earth to Hell.

Starring: Tom Sizemore, Billy Wirth
Directed By: Charles Whitcher
Written By: Jonathan Butler
Produced By: Dillon D Jordan
Executive Producer: Dillon D Jordan, Jonathan Butler, Cynthia Ambres
Production Company: PaperChase Films