Who We Are

PaperChase Films is a vertically-integrated media and entertainment company focused on creating, financing and distributing first class content and intellectual property across multiple platforms. Founded in 2013, PaperChase Films is comprised of a committed group of cinephile-gogetters with an intense devotion to visual media. We thrive on discovering and translating compelling stories into commercially successful properties. With an upcoming slate comprised of Features, Digital and TV Series, PaperChase strives to align ourselves with strategic partners who bear a similar no-holds-barred ethos toward filmmaking – not merely to entertain, but to catalyze social transformation. We want our projects to inspire our viewers, leaving them with memorable experiences that awaken their imagination and live on in their memory.

What We Do

A strong creative cross-pollination between Features, TV and Digital feeds directly into our mission statement: to produce bold, innovative and strongly authored work. We’re committed to telling stories on larger canvases and encouraging our directors to enjoy the opportunity to evolve as storytellers. With a significant development slate, PaperChase is set to deliver a broad selection of material for theatrical, broadcast and multi-platform release. We craft silver screen films from the bottom up.