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Swing State

3 May 2017

Seattle-based rock DJ, Ethan Smith hosts a popular radio program called Ears Wide Shut that appeals to his passion for music, but unfortunately pays a very low wage. When the conservative host of a right-wing program featured on the same radio station goes missing, Ethan is called in to cover his absence. Ethan invents a new persona, Charles Fern, and brands himself “the new voice of the Right”.

When the talk show enjoys a huge spike in ratings following Fern’s debut, he is asked to take over the high-paying host job full-time and pushed onto the national stage. Soon, someone begins asking questions about Fern and his origins, leading to hilarious and unexpected results.

Produced by: Jonathan Sheldon, Paperchase Films
Written & Directed by: Jonathan Sheldon
Starring: Taryn Manning, Billy Zane
, Sean Astin, Angela Kinsey

Watch the trailer for Swing State here…

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